You Like Embassy Suites – And Your Favorite New TV Show is . . . “Sleepy Hollow?”

Chances are you said yes – or so says new data from NewMediaMetrics, an eight-year-old company that measures the emotional attachments of consumers to well-known brands. Each June NMM conducts its yearly study of 3,750 adults, between the ages of 18 and 64, to determine their emotional attachment, or EA, to top brands. Among the data digested by this year’s group was their emotional reaction to the concepts behind the new TV line-up. From there the company crunched the data on each subject’s loyalty to brands, including hotels.

And, voila. Fox’s 24: Live Another Day wowed consumers loyal to Marriott. Graceland on USA topped the charts with Hyatt aficionados. Hilton enthusiasts were predisposed to Cold Justice on TNT. And a high portion of guests at Hampton Inns will likely tune into Marshall Law: Texas on TNT. Sheraton fans, meanwhile, voted for NBC’s The Blacklist, The Bridge on FX was a hit with W loyalists, and Westin guests gravitated to ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Additionally, the NMM number-crunched consumer emotional ties to hotel brands. And the verdict? “Based on EA by brand, it is clear that W Hotel has not done a good job of building brand loyalty among its user base,” says Gary Reisman, CEO and co-founder of NMM. “They have a lot of work to do.” Also of note: Embassy Suites has higher EA levels than Westin, Hyatt and Marriott. “Embassy Suites is in a position of strength, as EA translates to return visits, longer stays and reduced price sensitivity for hotels,” Reisman says.

As far as courting potential guests, NMM claims consumers with an emotional attachment to a brand are two and a half times more likely to pay attention to an ad for it and be engaged in whatever media surrounds the ad. That means Embassy Suites would be nuts to advertise on Marshall Law: Texas instead of Sleepy Hollow if NMM’s patent-pending EA methodology is correct. (The company says they’ve made their predictions with more than 80 percent accuracy for the past seven years.)

And what can guests take from NMM’s findings? If you want to discuss the previous night’s episode of Cold Justice or The Blacklist with a live human being in the lobby instead of on Twitter, well, you know where the odds are best when you check in.



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  1. Ed
    Ed says:

    I do suspect these “emotional attachment” ratings mean more for, say, Embassy Suites than for a new show like “Sleepy Hollow.” People genuinely like Embassy Suites, which will surely be around next year. No so sure with “Sleepy Hollow.”


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