Taking Credit at Hyatt — Meet The Newest Hotel Credit Card

I find it really hard to get excited about a new banking product, even when there’s a hotel connection. But I can see the appeal of a new credit card that made its debut yesterday.

Use the Hyatt Chase Visa card just once, and you get two free nights at any Hyatt property in the world, including New York outposts like the shiny new Andaz hotels on Wall Street and Fifth Avenue.

The card also entitles you to free WiFi in your Hyatt room and travel protection, including trip cancellation, lost luggage and travel delay. And if you use the card overseas, there’s no foreign transaction fee.  No embarrassment, either, since the card, the plastic equivalent of a gray flannel suit, looks clean and corporate.

There is, of course, a rub – the card comes with a $75 annual fee. So do the math and see if this card’s for you.


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