Keeping Goldilocks Happy: Four Seasons Hotels Rolls Out New Customized Beds

Guests at five-star hotels expect a cushy bed when they’re tucked in for the night. Still, the vaunted Four Seasons mattress comes with an extra sprinkling of fairy dust.

Under the bed at Four Seasons Downtown

Under the bed at Four Seasons Downtown

The  bed’s been burnished by genuine-sounding celebrity endorsements, like Julia Roberts’ rave about the Four Seasons mattress on Oprah. And the only way to take one home is to order it directly from the hotel, preferably in person (website or catalog sales aren’t offered).

So the announcement that Four Seasons has a new bed is news.

The revised bed, created for the hotel group by Simmons, plays to a luxury hotel trend – customization. Guests choose, Goldilocks style, from three mattress toppers – one that’s firm, one that’s plush and one that’s right in the middle. It’s like a pillow menu for mattresses.

Beds come made up with the middle topper, but the soft or firm models can be substituted “in minutes” depending on the guest’s request, according to the press release. Repeat guests will find their preferred topper on the bed when they arrive.

Toppers are constructed using something called gel touch foam center technology, a type of memory foam designed to absorb heat and keep the sleeper comfortable.

In addition to the customized bed, Four Seasons offers a choice of down or hypoallergenic pillows.

When will the new beds arrive at the Four Seasons New York? That’s still to be determined, a spokeswoman for the hotel said. The full rollout to all FS properties will take four years, occurring as existing beds need to be replaced.

And yes, the new beds will be available for sale from the hotels that have them. After all, sleeping on a bed at a hotel is the ultimate road test.


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  1. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Sounds nice, and worth the wait. The hotel bed wars have been a real boon to consumers. Virtually every hotel bed is better than it was years ago.

  2. Marco
    Marco says:

    I really hope that the bed war is over and we are going to win, sleeping on good beds. I prefer staying at cheap hotels, but nobody deserves sleeping on a pile of rocks.


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