Where Did Beyonce Check In When She Wanted to Shoot a Sexy Music Video?

“I see music,” Beyonce declares in the press release for Beyonce, her new album of songs and videos released yesterday without the usual rev-up fanfare.

And what does Queen B see when she visualizes the music — and the story surrounding it — late at night? A room at The Standard Hotel, High Line branch.


Beyonce at the Standard

In her “Rocket” video, Beyonce sports black lace and strolls barefoot down one of the Standard’s long white halls, a pair of patent leather stilettos in hand. Inside her room, she falls onto a snowy bed. For once, the curtains on those famous floor-to-ceiling windows, the ones that bare all secrets to the world (or at least the hoards walking along the High Line), are closed.

Still, the video is one of several rated “explicit” on the album.

In a blog post, Stan, the hotel’s alter ego, coyly mentions seeing Beyonce ambling down the hall, camera crew in tow. Stan’s take? The video is “damn sexy. Beyonce looks good, too.”

The Standard High Line NYC, 848 Washington Street; 212-645-4646.



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