A Scary Summer Sculpture Checks In at The Standard

Red Scary Guy, 2013.

Red Scary Guy, 2013.

Every summer for the past three years a new work of art has appeared on the front plaza at The Standard High Line NYC. Each has been eye-catching and thought provoking.

But this year’s, the creation of pop culture artist Kenny Scharf, is scary.

If you don’t automatically come to that conclusion by looking at this red hot chili pepper snarl of enamel, rhinestone and fiberglass – it’s even got teeth – check out the helpful name Scary Red Guy.

None of the past participants could be called benign. Last year’s Big Kastenmann (Big Box Guy) by Austrian surrealist sculptor Edward Wurm was headless. Companion (Passing Through) by cartoon artist KAWS sat cowering behind his enormous gloved hands.

Still, Companion was fashioned as a balloon in last year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. He proved charming. I can’t imagine Scary Red Guy will be floating over the crowd with Snoopy and Hello Kitty this November. But he’ll be on the plaza steps from the Standard’s outdoor pizza bar all summer.

The Standard High Line NYC, 848 Washington Street, New York, NY 10014; 212 645 4646.



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  1. Itamar
    Itamar says:

    They do have a sharp-edged sense of humor down there at the Standard. Thanks, and I’ll check out Scary Red Guy sometime.


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