What You — and Will and Kate — Can Expect When New York Base Camp Is The Carlyle Hotel

Here’s what you’ll see in the lobby at The Carlyle hotel this week, whether you’re in residence for 48 hours like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge or taking the shortcut from Madison Avenue to East 76th Street like I did last week.

Why did Britain’s First Family of Royals — or their minders — choose the Carlyle over the half dozen or so other Manhattan hotels that offer celebrated travelers a silky mix of privacy, security and splendor?

When you walk in

My guess is it scored high on the Goldilocks factors and got everything just right.

Built in 1930, The Carlyle is historic without being creaky, luxurious without being ostentatious and cooly nonchalant about its considerable creature comforts, like the Leger paintings in the lobby and the tray tables stashed in guest room closets for breakfast in bed.

Tasteful holiday spirit at the Carlyle

The Upper East Side is less frenzied than Midtown. And while no one would call the Carlyle hip, that hasn’t stopped fellow travelers like Roger Federer, the Beckhams and any number of world leaders — the place is crawling with private security when the UN General Assembly opens — from checking in.

Or to put it another way, it’s as close to Claridges as you can get in New York.

I spent a night at the Carlyle a while back, and while I didn’t have one of the suites that double as apartments like Will and Kate no doubt will — a few come with grand pianos — I got a taste of the place. It was yummy. Here’s my post.




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  1. Dan Corrigan
    Dan Corrigan says:

    Terry, years ago we saw Bobby Short at the Cafe Carlyle. What a great “saloon” venue. Bobby delivered the goods that night. But, boy was that expensive hour!!!

    Thank God we saw Bobby before he passed in 05′(??). A warm memory on a cold night on the Upper East Side.

    • Terry Trucco
      Terry Trucco says:

      So glad you got to see Bobby Short on one of your New York visits, Dan. I did a story on his apartment — he was quite a collector — and got to spend an afternoon with him. A lovely man.


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