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An Under-The-Radar Supporting Role For The Mark Hotel In “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”

OscarHotels don’t win Academy Awards, but that hasn’t kept New York City hotels from landing in movies that get nominated. 

Consider 2013, when NYC hotels had close-ups in three movies chasing Oscars –Best Picture contenders The Great Gatsby and American Hustle which showcased extravagant, if wildly different, interiors at The Plaza, and Blue Jasmine (Best Actress, Cate Blanchett), which features a contentious argument shot near the big clock in front of the erstwhile Tribeca Grand (now the Roxy Hotel Tribeca).

Only one New York City hotel is in the running for reflected glory when the 93rd Academy Awards air on Sunday, April 25, and it’s on screen for less than five minutes. But the scene filmed in a suite at The Mark won instant notoriety when Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Sacha Baron Cohen’s cheeky mockumentary, debuted in October. It wasn’t for the interior design. Read more

And The Oscar Goes To: NYC Hotels with Supporting Roles In the 2014 Academy Awards

No hotel has ever won an Oscar. But that does not mean hotels haven’t had close ties with the Academy Awards over the years. Read more

Pass the Popcorn: What Movies Did Hotel Guests Watch in Their Rooms in September?

A hit in New York City hotel rooms.

A hit in New York City hotel rooms.

Last month the in-room pay-movie viewing habits of hotel-goers throughout the US, Canada and New York City were pretty much in lockstep. Guests tuned into the antics of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy (The Heat), Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx (White House Down), and Bradley Cooper and Zac Galifianiakis (The Hangover Part 3).

But what are we to make of the fact that The Bling Ring, a movie about light-fingered, celebrity-addled Los Angeles teens, was hit in New York hotel rooms but failed to make the Top Ten list across the nation and in Canada? Read more

Pass the Popcorn: What Movies Were the Biggest Hits in Hotel Rooms in August 2013?

Leonardo and Carrie and the Tiffany bling.

Leonardo and Carrie and Tiffany bling.

If you spent a late summer night in a New York City hotel room, chances are you escaped the heat and humidity by watching Carrie and Leonardo toy with Tiffany cuff links and pearls in The Great Gatsby, old sport. Elsewhere across the US and in Canada, hotel-goers clicked onto the antics of a very different duo, FBI agents Sandra and Melissa in The Heat (New York audiences liked that one, too.) But the big winner in August was the magician’s caper, Now You See Me. Read more

New York Hotels Where F. Scott Fitzgerald Played and the Real Jay Gatsby Lived

The Plaza.

The Plaza.

As The Great Gatsby, the most hyped movie since, well, Iron Man 3, steamrolls into theaters, two hotels are proudly trumpeting their Gatsby connections.

Most obvious is The Plaza. When Daisy suggests Gatsby, Tom, Jordan and Nick drive to Manhattan, they beeline for the Plaza, a favorite of F. Scott Fitzgerald and wife Zelda. Read more