Pass the Popcorn: What Movies Did Hotel Guests Watch in Their Rooms in September?

A hit in New York City hotel rooms.

A hit in New York City hotel rooms.

Last month the in-room pay-movie viewing habits of hotel-goers throughout the US, Canada and New York City were pretty much in lockstep. Guests tuned into the antics of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy (The Heat), Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx (White House Down), and Bradley Cooper and Zac Galifianiakis (The Hangover Part 3).

But what are we to make of the fact that The Bling Ring, a movie about light-fingered, celebrity-addled Los Angeles teens, was hit in New York hotel rooms but failed to make the Top Ten list across the nation and in Canada?

Newcomers competing for a place on the Top Ten list in October include Man of Steel, Grown Ups 2, Wolverine, We’re the Millers, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Despicable Me and Blue Jasmine. Come back next month to see which, if any, muscles The Heat out of the top spot. As always, our list is culled from 1.5 million hotel rooms compiled by Sonifi.


The Nation and Canada

1) The Heat

2) The Hangover Part 3

3) White House Down

4) This is the End

5) Now You See Me

6) Monsters University

7) Ironman 3

8) The Internship

9) The Lone Ranger

10) Star Trek Into Darkness


New York City

1) The Heat

2) White House Down

3) This is the End

4) The Hangover Part 3

5) Now You See Me

6) The Internship

7) The Bling Ring

8) Monsters University

9) Iron Man 3

10)  The Great Gatsby



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