Pass the Popcorn: What Movies Were the Biggest Hits in Hotel Rooms in August 2013?

Leonardo and Carrie and the Tiffany bling.

Leonardo and Carrie and Tiffany bling.

If you spent a late summer night in a New York City hotel room, chances are you escaped the heat and humidity by watching Carrie and Leonardo toy with Tiffany cuff links and pearls in The Great Gatsby, old sport. Elsewhere across the US and in Canada, hotel-goers clicked onto the antics of a very different duo, FBI agents Sandra and Melissa in The Heat (New York audiences liked that one, too.) But the big winner in August was the magician’s caper, Now You See Me.

What else did hotel-goers watch in their rooms? Read on. As always, our stats were compiled from 1.5 million hotel rooms by SONIFI.

Coming this month to a hotel room near you: White House Down, RIPD, This is the End and The Lone Ranger. Check in next month to see how they did. Anyone who reads this column regularly knows how movies fare in theaters and hotel rooms is often dramatically different.


The Nation and Canada

1) Now You See Me

2) The Heat

3) Ironman 3

4) Star Trek into Darkness

5) The Internship

6) Fast and Furious 6

7) The Great Gatsby

8) The Big Wedding

9) Olympus Has Fallen

10) Epic


New York City

1) Now You See Me

2) The Great Gatsby

3) The Heat

4) Star Trek Into Darkness

5) The Internship

6) The Big Wedding

7) Ironman 3

8) Fast and Furious 6

9) Olympus Has Fallen

10) Pain and Gain




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  1. Colleen
    Colleen says:

    Gatsby was a most entertaining movie, if sort of sprawling. And thanks for the hotel-list reminder on “Now You See Me.” Sounded intriguing, but I missed it.


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