How Clever Hotels Keep Their Spare Pillows and Blankets Clean

Clean at the Conrad.

First came washable duvet covers that replaced heavy, dry-clean-only bedspreads and lowered the “oogie factor,” as one hotel executive so aptly described, well, you know.

Then came apps that turn smartphones into TV channel changers, meaning you don’t have to grab a germ-bomb zapper every five minutes.

But what about those spare pillows and blankets stashed on a shelf in the closet?
How do you know how many times they’ve tumbled onto the floor before you check in? Do you really want to cuddle up with them?

Not a problem if a smart trend we spotted at the several new hotels takes hold.  Spare

Cover up at Hyatt 48Lex.

pillows and blankets at Conrad New York are stored in the closet in individual fabric covers, clearly labeled and outfitted with handles so each item can be pulled easily from the shelf.

Hyatt 48Lex stashes spares in smart black fabric covers also equipped with handles.

Neat idea. We hope it’s coming soon to a hotel near you.












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  1. Brian Guernier
    Brian Guernier says:

    Here’s a new idea. Pillow-Fresh cleans hotel pillows using equipment specifically designed for pillows. By cleaning the inside and replacing the outside a hotel saves money, reduces waste and improves guest comfort.


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