The Conrad’s Loopy Doopy Roof Bar Opens for the 2013 Season

The calendar says it’s spring, even when it’s contradicted by chilly breezes and overcast skies. No matter.

Seasonal roof bars observe time, not temperature when choosing to open, and this week the Loopy Doopy Bar atop the Conrad New York, flung open its terrace above the Hudson for its second season.

With jaw-drop views of the river and the Statue of Liberty, Loopy Doopy – named for the Sol Lewitt mural in the lobby, not the way you feel after a couple of drinks – was one of last summer’s hottest bars. It’s back with a new line-up of summer drinks and, last year’s hit, Prosecco on tap.

Also new: five new multi-proof flavors for the bar’s signature libation – Prosecco and Ice Pops. This childhood-channeling concoction with kick consists of a boozy popsicle plopped into a goblet of Prosecco, stick and all. Morello cherry (10 Cane Rum) is the fledgling season’s big seller so far – “it’s sweet,” explained a bartender. Pina colada (Malibu Coconut) and Orangeade (Cointreau) are the other sweeties. Lime Margarita (Suaza Blue Agave Tequila) and Appeltini (Absolut Hibiscus Vodka) taste dry and tart – by popsicle standards.

Make that ice pop standards. Popsicle is a trademarked moniker, so the drink was renamed for the 2013 season. Still more that’s new: the $18 price. “It’s an experience, not a drink,” quipped a friend. So it is, especially at sunset on a balmy night – when things finally warm up.



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