Before 2017 Winds Down, One Last Look at New York City Hotel Holiday Decorations We Love

It’s hard to recall a colder, darker New York City holiday season than 2017. But for much of the month, an upbeat antidote to the relentless chill could be found at the city’s hotels — enough to make it worth your while to duck into a lobby for a welcoming blast of warmth and sparkle. Before the year slips away, here’s a last look at how some of our favorite hotels dressed up for the holidays.

Made entirely of glass balls, the big tree at the Four Seasons Downtown is sleek, modern and gold, fit for a Financial District hotel.


The Beekman lobby is so big it could house a holiday forest, but this tall beauty more than holds its own.


Crowned by a stained glass window, the lobby tree at the Barclay Intercontinental New York looks equally delectable from far away or up close.



The festive tree planted temporarily in the Lotte Palace Hotel courtyard lights up Madison Avenue and acts as a junior bookend to the gigantic fir looming over the Rockefeller Center ice rink a block away.


This pretty-in-pink tree is so big we couldn’t get it all into the picture. To see the whole thing, head to the mezzanine at The Peninsula New York. And check out the larger-than-life snow people dressed like Peninsula pages on the ground floor.


A laid-back tree that’s perfect fit at the super-cool Smyth.


This sky-scraping tree plays nice with the Art Deco glass mirrors in the 1920s lobby of The Benjamin.


With two lofty windows gazing onto 57th Street, The Quin plants a towering tree in each. Here’s what each looks like up close.


On view at the W New York: a giant holiday mobile that changes colors as it spins.


The fabled tree at The Plaza is the only one I saw that was roped off, a curious sight since I was the only person looking at it. That’s because you can’t enter the hotel during the holidays unless you’re a guest or can offer a good excuse. (Say you’re meeting friends at the bar. Worked for me).


Livening up East 50th Street: the snow family in the window of Fifty NYC.


Happy Holidays from Overnight New York!


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