Why the Sheraton New York Times Square Came Up Big on New York Primary Night

As you may have noticed if you followed the coverage of last night’s New York Primary, Hillary Clinton and 1,500 of her closest friends and supporters were stomping at Sheraton New York Times Square for her victory soiree.

Candidate Central: the Sheridan Metropolitan Ballroom

Clinton’s post-vote get together was precisely the type of event the Sheraton had in mind when the hotel sunk $180 million into renovating their massive ballroom in 2013. Among the upgrades big money and smart planning can buy are good looks (the room’s coppery backdrop is light, energetic and contemporary), green trappings (the chandeliers use LEDs to light up with whatever color the candidate wants) and high-tech everything.

Though the Waldorf-Astoria, New York Hilton, Lotte New York Palace and Grand Hyatt New York are among those blessed with spacious gathering rooms, the Clintons have used the Sheraton for Clinton Foundation conclaves over the years. And politicians have favored the Sheraton’s grand-scale digs for years, even when the backdrop was an intense Ralph Lauren blue.

But not Donald Trump. Though two New York hotels flaunt his name, he chose the reddish gold marbled lobby of Trump Tower for his verbal victory lap, perhaps because it matches his hair.



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