Pass the Popcorn: February 2012’s Most Popular Hotel Room Movies

Welcome to our newest feature. Each month we’ll post the 10 top Hollywood films watched by hotel guests in New York and across the US as compiled by LodgeNet, the country’s leading provider of in-room entertainment.

Here’s how guests voted with their TV remotes (and iPod apps) in February. Note to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: The Descendants cleaned up big with hotel guests.

New York

1)   The Descendants

2)   The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1

3)   Young Adult

4)   My Week with Marilyn

5)   Jack and Jill

6)   Tower Heist

7)   War Horse

8)   J. Edgar

9)   Immortals

10)  The Sitter


The US

1)   The Descendants

2)   The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1

3)   Jack and Jill

4)   Tower Heist

5)   War Horse

6)   Young Adult

7)   Immortals

8)   The Sitter

9)   J. Edgar

10)  My Week with Marilyn




4 replies
    • Terry
      Terry says:

      My guess is The Artist wasn’t on offer to hotels in February. LodgeNet shows premium movies in hotels 60 days prior to their release on DVD and 90 days prior to their release on Netflicks. The Descendants opened in US movie theaters a few weeks before The Artist, so it makes sense it got to hotel rooms first.

  1. Guy Flatley
    Guy Flatley says:

    “Pass the Popcorn” is a nifty addition to OvernightNewYork, Terry. I’m glad “The Descendants” topped both lists, and I’m delighted that “Young Adult” and “J. Edgar” also did well. As for “Tower Heist,” no comment!



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