Meet The NoMad Library — The Book-Filled Room That Double as a Crafted Cocktail Bar

Libraries and libations go together like gin and tonic. Or perhaps we should say like Islay scotch, Chambery Blanc vermouth, South India Solera sherry and crème de cacao, the makings of the Old Alhambra cocktail we had in the Library lounge and bar at the new NoMad Hotel. Read more

How The New York Hilton Is Cultivating a Green Roof in the Middle of Midtown Manhattan

In observation of Earth Day (and Month), we pause for a quick pulse check on how New York City hotels are doing on the green front. Read more

Freak Construction Accident Startled Morning Coffee Drinkers and Closes Le Parker Meridien’s Knave Cafe

Talk about a double whammy. First came the news that Le Parker Meridien’s new next-door neighbor will be a new 296-room boutique hotel.  Then yesterday morning the new neighbor invaded Parker Meridien’s turf. Read more

Meet Tingo — The New Online Booking Site with the Amusing Name

New York in springtime – it’s lots better than New York in January, and hotel rates reflect this. What better time to unveil a new online booking site promising low prices?

Tingo purports to offer that elusive but delectable commodity – the sure thing. Read more

Hotels Where You Can Eat Lunch and Chill When You’re on Jury Duty

Many are called – and last week we were among them, taking a seat in the gigantic two-room juror’s bullpen at 60 Centre Street. Read more

Meet The Jane, New York’s Titanic Hotel Where Seamen Surviving the Catastrophic Sinking Wound Up

What the Titanic survivors saw.

On Sunday the Titanic Memorial Cruise left Southampton, England for New York City tracing the path of the doomed luxury liner that sank on April 14, 1912.  The 1,309 passengers, ranging from relatives of survivors to Titanic groupies, paid from $4,445 to $9,320 for the 12-might cruise. Read more

Jumeirah Essex House Celebrates Easter with Gigantic Faberge Eggs — in Chocolate

Whenever a holiday rolls around, we head to Jumeriah Essex House in the hope of seeing a grand-scale edible work of art. Last Christmas a 10-foot-tall tree constructed from 500 lbs. of white chocolate commanded a corner of the lobby. The year before, a minutely detailed rendering of the hotel in gingerbread doubled as a mouth-watering photo op. Read more

A First Look At Conrad New York, A Stylish All Suite Hotel

Walking into the new Conrad New York hotel gave us weird déjà vu.

Greeting us at the top of a wide marble staircase was Sol LeWitt’s towering Loopy Doopy, a feast of purple swirls plotted on a blue grid. But what was it doing on that wall? Read more

Pass the Popcorn: March 2012’s Most Popular Hotel Room Movies

She scored big in movie theaters, won an Academy Award nomination for Rooney Mara and even picked up a gold statue at the Big Show.  (Hey, no one said soundmixing wasn’t important.) So small surprise The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo cleaned up last month as the most-watched Hollywood movie in hotel rooms in New York and across the nation. Read more