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Bad News for The Broadway: Another Hotel Gets Zapped for Fining Guests Who Write Bad Reviews

Last week brought news of yet another hotel that decided the smartest way to guarantee good reviews was to fine guests who write bad ones. The latest chapter unfolded at The Broadway, a budget bed and breakfast hotel in the North England resort town of Blackpool that charged an English couple 100 pounds (about $157) for calling the place “a filthy, dirty, rotten, stinking hovel run by muppets” on Tripadvisor. Read more

A Hotel That Fines Guests $500 for a Thumbs Down? Why Online Guest Reviews Matter More than Ever

Hotels dream of instant internet renown, just not the kind Union Street Guest House experienced this week.

To recap if you were stranded on a net-free island, word got out that this self-described boutique hotel in New York’s Hudson Valley charged $500 for negative reviews posted by wedding party guests. Read more