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Scotch on the Rocks With A New Twist at The Pierre

Dark libations like bourbon and rye don’t wind up in cocktails nearly as often as the clear stuff, like vodka and gin. But they get mixed with something other than water a lot more than scotch.

Purists might say the reason is obvious. Or as my husband puts it, why ruin a great single malt?

That, of course, makes scotch the Everest of cocktail ingredients, a liquid gauntlet thrown down to adventurous bartenders. The mixing team at The Pierre’s Two-e Bar couldn’t resist temptation. Read more

New York Hotels Where You Can Watch the 2014 Winter Olympics in Comfort and Style

Yellow water? Showers without curtains? Guest room bathrooms with side-by-side toilets? Early reports on hotel accommodations in Sochi sound downright scary.

But New York isn’t a mountain resort constructed from scratch for winter sports’ alternate-leap-year show of shows. Hotels here are places you actually want to visit if you like watching big sports events with a crowd and a rapidly refilled glass. Read more

Is That Beer In A Champagne Saucer? The Pierre Mixes Up Seven Chic Brew-Based Cocktails

In John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row, the character Doc becomes obsessed with a fanciful drink he’s never tasted and has, in fact, never seen – the beer milkshake. “He wondered what a beer milkshake would taste like,” Steinbeck writes. “The idea gagged him a bit, but he couldn’t let it alone. It cropped up every time he had a glass of beer.”

Beer isn’t Cointreau; it’s a self-contained, stand-alone drink. But like prosecco, bourbon and other staunch stand-alones, it can play nice with the right accompaniment. The new Beer Cocktail menu at The Pierre’s silky Two-E Bar shows just how nice. Read more