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What’s the Opposite of a Wake-Up Call? The Benjamin Introduces an End-of-Day Service

Work-down call.

Work-down call.

The hotel room telephone has a buggy whip quality to it. When was the last time you used it to check a flight, find out movie times or talk to someone outside the hotel? Read more

Watch the Hotel Belleclaire Get a New Chandelier

A little more to the left . . .

Actually, the Belleclaire is getting an entire new lobby (and not a moment too soon).

But a chandelier this big commands more attention than a throw pillow. And we happened to stop by as it was being positioned into place. Read more

Celebrating Z-z-z — and National Sleep Awareness Week — at The Benjamin

Why is the front desk manager at The Benjamin wearing a nightcap and terrycloth bathrobe?

He’s observing National Sleep Awareness Week, a yearly educational campaign promoting the importance of sleep. The week culminates in the worst day of the year, Sunday March 11, when Daylight Savings Time begins and we spring forward, losing a precious hour of shut-eye. Read more

Basil and Buzz: A First Look at the Intercontinental New York Barclay’s New Roof Garden

In a city known for lavish rooftop amenities, from lounges to pools, the roof of the Intercontinental New York Barclay is neither the tallest nor the chicest. But it’s got buzz. Read more