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Why You Should Find Out If Your Hotel Is Near a Construction Site Before You Book

What happens when you check into a hotel that’s next to a construction site?

I thought about this when I walked by the Franklin Hotel, an Upper East Side boutique, on a recent spring day. I hadn’t been by the hotel in a while and was astounded by what I saw. A futuristic 19-story glass-front apartment building was going up next door and at first glance I thought it had gobbled up the hotel. Read more

More Light (for now) at Le Parker Meridien, or What Happens When They Knock Down the Building Next Door

For a short time, you can see Le Parker Meridien as it hasn’t been seen in years. Or to put it another way, the south side of West 57th Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues looks like a wide smile with a tooth missing. Read more