Are Those Chairs Really Hanging From The Ceiling?

Be seated.

Be seated.

Are these the ultimate high chairs?

Sitting pretty inches from the ceiling at the Museum of Arts & Design in Columbus Circle is Year and a Day, artist Marc Andre Robinson’s circle of chairs.  Read more

Is This The Biggest Chocolate Easter Egg in New York City?

Who knows? But consider the jaw-drop vital statistics of the ultimate Easter egg on view at the Peninsula Hotel: three pastry chefs, 48 hours and 45 pounds of chocolate.

The result stands three feet tall and boasts enough hand-made candy flowers and butterflies to fill a small army of Easter baskets. Read more

What’s the Opposite of a Wake-Up Call? The Benjamin Introduces an End-of-Day Service

Work-down call.

Work-down call.

The hotel room telephone has a buggy whip quality to it. When was the last time you used it to check a flight, find out movie times or talk to someone outside the hotel? Read more

Pass the Popcorn: What Movies Did Hotel Guests Watch the Most in February 2013?

Does anyone go to movie theaters anymore? February was Oscar month, and it seems a lot of guests used hotel room visits to catch the 2012 Academy Award nominees. (So much for witnessing Skyfall’s technical effects on the big screen.) Whatever. No envelope needed. Scroll down to see the month’s top ten hotel room hits. Read more