10 NYC Hotels to Check Out Before the Holidays Check Out

I finally got around to seeing the year’s top fashion documentary Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel.  In the spirit of her fabled Why Don’t’ You lists that spiced up an earlier iteration of Harper’s Bazaar, I offer Overnight New York’s Why Don’t You: the NYC Hotel holiday version. Here’s what to see and do at New York hotels while the holidays are still humming. Read more

Still Shopping? Check Out Overnight New York’s Second Annual Last-Minute Hotel Holiday Gift Guide

Hotel shops sell a lot more than Band-Aids, bathrobes and bottled water.  Many stock amusing, even unusual items you’d be happy to give – or receive.

And here’s the best part. Many offer online as well as in-hotel shopping. So browse what caught our eye. There’s still time! Read more

Bribing the Guests: Hotel Offers Cash for Good Reviews on Tripadvisor

I like Tripadvisor for the most part and use its reviews the way my daughter’s middle school French teacher computed quarterly grades – throw out the top and bottom scores and add up the rest.

Still, a recent post on The Consumerist (via Hotelchatter) gave me pause. Read more

When the Hotel Shop Is an Art Gallery — Tomoko Sugimoto’s Witty Paintings Take Over The Standard

You’ don’t see many art galleries amidst the relentless array of shops, restaurants and bars in the Meatpacking District. (You don’t see many butchers, either, but that’s another story.)

So score one for the Shop at the Standard High Line NYC. This amusingly curated emporia sells hotel requisites like toothpaste, contact lens solution and magazines (a blend of American and foreign) but also showcases the work of contemporary artists. Besides stocking the shop with art that doesn’t cost a fortune – artist Ryan McGinness produced a deck of cards — featured participants paint the windows. Read more

Hotel Week NYC Returns January 4 to 20, 2013

The library at the Library.

January is the slowest of slow seasons in New York. And small wonder. The weather is dreary, days are still dark, and the holiday fizz has gone flat.

In short, it’s the perfect time to come to New York if you’re looking for deals. Read more

Are The Peninsula Hotel’s Gigantic Reindeer Really Lollipops?

Talk about eye candy.  Perched atop a table near the concierge desk at the Peninsula hotel stand a big red sleigh and two bright-eyed reindeer, one with a red nose. Read more

Holiday Gingerbread Creations at Le Parker Meridien That Look Too Good To Eat

Honest Abe, the gingerbread version.

Who needs bricks and mortar – or limestone and chisels – when you’ve got gingerbread? Or to rephrase, ever wondered what the Lincoln Memorial, Kyoto’s Toji Tower or the Sphinx might look like as edible holiday sculptures? Read more

Is that Guest Room A Speakeasy? Living the Suite Life (The Themed Kind) At The Carlton

In the hidden room.

A suite is supposed to have more than one room, but what about a secret room? Read more

Pass the Popcorn: The Most-Watched Hotel Room Movies during November 2012

Fans of action thrillers like big screens, it seems. How else to explain The Dark Knight Rises’ status as the Number 2 hotel room movie in the United States and Canada and New York City in November, the first month it was available to hotel viewers? Batman got beat out of the top spot by last month’s winners — potty-mouthed teddy-bear Ted (nationwide) and the gritty Bourne Legacy (in New York). Read more