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The Time Hotel Gets A Chic New Look

My first thought upon seeing the freshly renovated Time Hotel was what did the architects think when they saw what they’d be working with? With oddly shaped public spaces, ho-hum views and guest rooms that can be politely described as compact (the smallest are a mere 180 square feet), this modest 193-room hotel built in 1927 could either stymie its renovators or inspire them to be really creative. Read more

Is a Sale in the Future for Times Square’s Notorious Hotel Carter?

A marquee hotel.

The Carter marquee.

The Hotel Carter, Times Square’s notorious flophouse, was in the news today once again. But this time was different.

A night manager wasn’t stabbed as in 1999. A dead body wasn’t discovered under a bed as in 2007. And TripAdvisor didn’t hail the hotel one of the dirtiest in the United States, a distinction the Carter held for years until the site scrapped its list a couple of years back.

The news, as reported by DNAinfo New York, is that the hotel is cleaning up its act, possibly with an eye to a sale. Read more

A Great Place to Watch the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Without the Crowds

Terrace in the air.

Terrace in the air.

Not that you’ll be alone. My guess is the new outdoor terrace at the freshly refurbished Novotel New York Times Square will be jam-packed when 2014 is ushered in.

Still, the handsome outdoor expanse – a dazzling 5,700 square feet – that semi-circles the seventh floor of the Novotel’s glass tower is sufficiently spacious to pack ‘em in, from cocktail sippers enjoying an autumn moment to year-end revelers who want to be outdoors but above it all, literally. Read more

Stay No More — A New Name for a Times Square Hotel

Stay into Night.

Stay into Night.

Having two hotels two blocks apart from each other with same name sounds confusing. But that’s exactly what Vikram Chatwal and the folks at Wyndham Hotels did late last month. Read more