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Pass the Popcorn: What Movies Did Hotel Guests Watch In Their Rooms in December 2012?

Once again it’s time to take a peek into hotel rooms across the nation and Canada (and New York City) and report on what guests chose to pay to watch on their flatpanel screens.  The verdict? Ted, the trash-talking bear, had a great two-month run. But last month he fell – though not very far — from his cushy perch at Number 1. Taken 2 and Liam Neeson overtook him. No teds there. Read more

Pass the Popcorn: The Most-Watched Hotel Room Movies during November 2012

Fans of action thrillers like big screens, it seems. How else to explain The Dark Knight Rises’ status as the Number 2 hotel room movie in the United States and Canada and New York City in November, the first month it was available to hotel viewers? Batman got beat out of the top spot by last month’s winners — potty-mouthed teddy-bear Ted (nationwide) and the gritty Bourne Legacy (in New York). Read more

Pass the Popcorn: What Were the Ten Most Watched Movies in Hotel Rooms in October 2012?

A foul-mouthed teddy bear was the big winner in hotel rooms last month followed by an action franchise that got tweaked. And in something we rarely see – we’ve been Passing the Popcorn for nine months – the four most popular hotel room movies across the Nation and Canada and in New York City were identical. Guests dug Bourne — and that bear!

As always our round-up is provided by LodgeNet, suppliers of in-room entertainment to 1.6 million hotel rooms in the U.S. and Canada. Read more