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New York Hotel Sightings Abound on the Hit TV Show “Smash”

Carlton's star turn.

Carlton’s star turn.

Why is Smash, the hit NBC series about the creation of a Broadway musical, our favorite television show this season? We can’t recall a TV show or movie with scenes shot at more New York City hotels. Read more

A High-Profile Cameo for The Waldorf-Astoria, Co-Starring with Matt Damon in “The Adjustment Bureau”

It isn’t easy to steal a scene from Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. But the Waldorf-Astoria in all its Art Deco glory does precisely that during the early scenes of The Adjustment Bureau, the new sci-fi-tinged thriller that opened this weekend. After all, there’s not a lot, living or inanimate, that can compete with the Waldorf’s vaunted Hall of Mirrors, patterned after the original in Versailles. Read more