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It Only Took 300 Years — Singing Handel’s Baroque Opera “Rodrigo” at the Gershwin Hotel

I’ll take a wild guess and assume that George Frederich Handel never dreamed his opera Rodrigo, written in 1707 when he was 22 years old, would have its North American premiere nearly three hundred years later in a hotel lobby.

But on May 21, 23 and 25, Handel’s fifth opera will be performed in the lobby of the Gershwin Hotel, a move that trumps the Met and every other opera house in the hemisphere. Read more

Operamission Checks in With Performances of Handel’s Baroque Opera ALMIRA in the Gershwin Hotel Lobby

“I’ve always thought it was a ridiculous name for a prison. Sing Sing. I mean, it sounds more like it should be an opera house or something.”   — Holly Golightly

And the Gershwin Hotel? It sounds like there should be music playing or something.  Maybe even opera. Read more