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Is a Sale in the Future for Times Square’s Notorious Hotel Carter?

A marquee hotel.

The Carter marquee.

The Hotel Carter, Times Square’s notorious flophouse, was in the news today once again. But this time was different.

A night manager wasn’t stabbed as in 1999. A dead body wasn’t discovered under a bed as in 2007. And TripAdvisor didn’t hail the hotel one of the dirtiest in the United States, a distinction the Carter held for years until the site scrapped its list a couple of years back.

The news, as reported by DNAinfo New York, is that the hotel is cleaning up its act, possibly with an eye to a sale. Read more

Another Unexpected Cameo for the Hotel Carter on “Smash”

The ratings may be tanking, but someone on the production end of Smash, NBC’s Broadway soap, has a wicked sense of humor.

To boil things down if you don’t follow the show, in Episode 12, Bombshell, a musical about the life of Marilyn Monroe, opens at last to thunderous applause and, alas, mixed reviews. Read more

New York Hotel Sightings Abound on the Hit TV Show “Smash”

Carlton's star turn.

Carlton’s star turn.

Why is Smash, the hit NBC series about the creation of a Broadway musical, our favorite television show this season? We can’t recall a TV show or movie with scenes shot at more New York City hotels. Read more