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Another New Mural for the Doors to The Bar at Andaz 5th Avenue

Artist Daniel St. George (right) and assistant Max Decker painting the Andaz doors.

Sometimes a door isn’t just a door.

Last week the double doors leading to The Bar Downstairs at the Andaz 5th Avenue were a work in progress (witness the protective plastic, brush-wielding artist, passersby taking pictures).

And this week? Read more

When the Lobby is a Gallery: “Artful Bridges” and an In-House Art Curator Check in at Jumeirah Essex House

New York hotels discovered eons ago that empty walls and fine art go together like poached eggs and Hollandaise. Consider the Audubon and Piranesi prints in The Carlyle guest rooms. Or the contemporary art by one-time residents like Larry Rivers and Susan Olmetti blanketing the Chelsea Hotel lobby. Read more