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New York City hotel tax is 14.75 percent plus a daily $2 per room occupancy fee. Our site lists the starting low season rack rate for each hotel, but prices rise and fall depending upon the season and demand, like airline tickets; use these rates as guidelines. Prices are lowest in January and February and highest in September and October.

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Spinning the U.S. Open at Affinia Hotels


Table tennis coming to the Affinia Manhattan lobby.

It’s back. For two hard-hitting weeks, August 25 through September 7, Grand Slam tennis is (almost) the only game in town. Tennis courts are a rarity at New York hotels, so Affinia’s five Manhattan hotels – Dumont, Manhattan, Shelburne, Gardens and Fifty – are serving up the apartment-sized version: table tennis. All Affinia guests can log in 30 free minutes of play at SPIN, actress Susan Sarandon’s ping-pong club. With tables set up at the Manhattan, Shelburne and Fifty, ping-pong enthusiasts staying at these three hotels can also fine-tune their forehands on site. For more on Affinia Manhattan...READ ON



August 26, 2014 | BE THE FIRST TO COMMENT

Cocktails With King Kong: Five NYC Hotel Roof Bars With Killer Views of the Empire State Building

Not too long ago, you could count the New York hotel roof bars on the fingers of one hand and have leftover digits. And today? They’re so bountiful the best way to track them is by the view. I found a full hand with money vistas of the ultimate New York City icon – the …READ ON


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Overnight New York covers everything relating to hotels in New York City, from news, deals, and reviews to the culture swirling around them.

The best hotels entertain you from the moment you enter. You can see contemporary art, hear a DJ, play bingo at midnight or take in a Sunday night movie (there’s nothing like a hotel screening room).

Stay for the night, and a great hotel multi-functions at a dizzying level. Yes, you want a comfortable room, preferably with some style and a convenient location, all at a price that won’t result in bankruptcy.

But the right hotel presents the opportunity to try on a new life. Choose with care, and you can feel like a rock star or a start-up star, a president or a princess, if only for a night.

Overnight New York is completely independent with no ties to the hotels you see on this site. Its creator Terry Trucco is a long-time travel writer whose stories and hotel reviews have appeared in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Travel & Leisure and other publications.

We visit hotels anonymously and always pay when we eat and stay so our reporting is honest and unbiased.

Think of Overnight New York as a best friend who knows the city and susses out the places you’d like to stay -- and the places you want to avoid -- as well as the perfect hotel for a romantic dinner, drinks after work or putting up the in-laws.

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