All Dressed Up: The Prettiest Hotel Holiday Trees in NYC, 2011 Version

Funny how something that seems so out of place in February or April looks utterly perfect in December and early January. We’re talking trees, of course – Christmas, holiday, whatever you may call them. And they’re lighting up hotels all around town. We found a dozen we love, each with a distinct style. That big tree at Rockefeller Center isn’t the only game in town!



Tall Tree  Up, up and up, this long tall tree stands up to the double-height lobby of the Mandarin Oriental.



White Chocolate Tree  Is this what they mean by “visions of sugarplums?” Made of white chocolate, it’s 10 feet tall, weighs 500 lbs. and sports 273 chocolate branches (and 78 chocolate ornaments). Kudos to Deden Putra, executive pastry chef at the Jumeirah Essex House hotel, and his team.


Eloise Tree  Where else but The Plaza would you find a tree dedicated to a six-year-old imp? Eloise, author Kay Thompson’s fictional girl living the suite life in a penthouse at The Plaza, scores her own tree, a cotton candy lobby concoction slathered in girly stuff like sparkles, pink feathers and cut-out images of Eloise herself.  Created by fashion designer Betsey Johnson, no stranger to girly stuff or The Plaza (she created an Eloise-themed suite for the hotel in 2010), this may be the most photographed hotel tree in Manhattan.


Ribbon Tree  We love the gold streamers that wrap up this tree in the lobby of the Dylan Hotel in the historic Chemists Club building.



Double Trees  Two trees are better than one. At least, that’s the case with this pretty pair framing the lobby staircase at the Kitano hotel on Park Avenue South.



Golden Tree  This classic beauty resides in the lobby at the Ritz Carlton Central Park. The lobby also boasts a gingerbread village.



Ornament Tree  Sparkly balls are so densely packed on the tree at the newly refurbished Grand Hyatt New York the boughs disappear.


The See-It-Before-The-Hotel-Closes-For-Renovations Tree  The Algonquin, Manhattan’s oldest continuously operating hotel (it opened in 1902), closes on January 1 for four months of deep-dish refurbishments. So check out this classic beauty while you can.


Chandelier Tree  We love the topknot that crowns the tall tree in the Roaring 20s lobby at the Roosevelt Hotel.


Silver Tree  The lobby of the original Dream hotel in midtown is meant to feel surreal. And given the lobby contents — a cabinet of 19th-century curiosities, taxidermy birds, a floor-to-ceiling fish tank — a pretty Christmas tree with classic trimmings seems downright surreal.



Poinsettia Tree  What could be more festive than a red and green tree fashioned from poinsettias, artfully stacked? This colorful creation resides in the lobby of the Hotel Roger Williams.


Live Tree  This decorated outdoor tree lights up the plaza at the New York Palace.

Happy Holidays from Overnight New York!






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  1. Nick
    Nick says:

    Nice trees all. But the three I’d most want to see in person are two novelties — white chocolate at the Essex House and Betsey Johnson at the Plaza — and one classic, at the Ritz Carlton.


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